Any Suggestions for the Mix?

[UPDATED} - 14/02/2013

I’ve done what I could between the bass & drum, also lowering the drums after intro. Now I’m paranoid I might have boosted the bass too much at 65 :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks again for the help kzarider, I haven’t done any serious mixing in years, I should dig up my mixing book to refresh my memory. :bulb:

Good day, I haven’t been on the forum for some time, but I’m mixing a quick demo I put together to be donated for fund-raising for Diabetes awareness, a cd compiled of local artists. Seeking some help with the mix if anyone is interested to comment, any small touches I could do before I send it in, that would be appreciated? I’ve had to mix in cans (K171MKII) because I dare not with my monitors in a room awfully too small and not acoustically treated. The vox was recorded in this room, so I’ve had to settle with that.

Questions like, is the bass too loud? too much highs? not enough?



(p.s. is it just me, or does Soundcloud render a difference in the mix?)

Great to have you here at site and even better to have you working for such a great cause btw one very close to my heart! Are you located in Spain?
!st off the track is great both playing, vocals, and writing!
2nd the mix
You asked specific comments towards bass. Lets start with drums, they are very powerful and setup a great groove but they cover a huge sonic spectrum (a lota lows)may consider using a low cut to clear a little room for the other instruments. Maybe also after the Drum intro try reducing volume gradually 2db, I don’t know if that will work but give it shot.

It is not so much that bass needs to be louder it’s that tone is sorta lost with all the other low end in mix. What are you using for bass??? Maybe try Boosting 2db of 60-80 hz on Kick and cutting 2db of 120-130 rolling of from 30hz with low cut??? Opposite for bass - roll off 2db 60-80 hz boost 2db 120-130hz also low pass the bass to where it doesn’t hurt the sound of it start at 30hz and move forward ??? This will alow the instruments not to fight for same space in our hearing range. I used all the question mark because the frequency I choose are always a starting point, make them not to narrow but a bell type. Also use a good eq example would be UAD Cambridge or Fab Q, try cutting 2db at 250hz on Kick and or bass or maybe the drum sub mix, this just to see if it helps. You may want to add a bit of 3khz to bass to make notes punch a little, just fish around to find the sweet spot 3-8k.

The song is really good and could be okay on its own w/o any changes so don’t loose sleep over this. Thanks again, your cause is such an important one

good song, enjoyed it, seemed a bit hot on my speakers ( a problem my mixes seem to suffer from also)…Kevin

Hey shadowfax,
I did the mix too fast for my taste, and was constantly going back to see what was being distorted, so I’m guilty! Especially when trying to get it as loud as I can.

Hi kzarider,
I’m from a small city located in the southern part of Canada, Ontario.

I’ll get to work on your suggestions right away and post my results if you’re interested. I really do appreciate this because I went into it half blinded, so I’m guessing anything could help at this point.

The bass is a patched kontakt instrument, but it it’s going through some presets (yikes!) which I never felt comfortable with (trying to buy time). I think your pointers will help unclutter the low end (and save me some db). The drums are the only thing that is a loop (I can’t get a good human feel from midi writing a drum part), but I think I can figure how to isolate the bass from the other slices.

I also appreciate the confidence in the overall mix, makes me feel less worried about sending it to the public :stuck_out_tongue: