Any support for CC121 or similar devices planned?

Hi Doriconians and Devs in particular.

I have seen similar questions from back in 2016 and so, since a few years have now passed, I wondered if there are any plans on your road map to support these types of devices, the CC121 in particular?

Also as an aside are there any plans for real time note input coming?

I know that this is a very difficult one to implement due to the wide variety of subjective approaches to playing and also perceptions of accuracy (leading to lots of whinging and whining no doubt) but regardless of accuracy issues, it is a nice one to have for capturing those fast and fleeting ideas to to work on and develop at a later date in more conventional ways.

I suppose if you don’t ever ask you don’t get.
Greg V.
P.S Love the program.

Yes, CC121 support is in the list of things we want to do, just don’t know when we will have the time to implement it.

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We certainly intend to implement real-time input in the near future, but I’m afraid neither it nor support for external devices like the CC121 will be coming in the next release.

From the above statements I can understand that Steinberg has no intenetion to produce a new controller to replace the 10 years old CC121. Is this correct?

I have no idea how you came to the conclusion that the CC121 isn’t going to be replaced based on the replies above. They’re just saying they intend to support the CC121, which is an expensive controller used by many Steinberg DAW users.

Due to the fact that Steinberg is reluctant (due to work load I guess) to update in the near future the CC121 software. Yes, they’re saying that they intend to support external devices, however they don’t know when they will find time to implement it. And if you don’t find time to update the existing software, chances are that you don’t have either time to write new software for new hardware.
On the other hand someone can say that they don’t have time to update existing software because they are writing new software for new hardware… hahaha!!!
Anyway, fact is that cc121 is indeed a very good, helpful and sufficient piece of hardware.

My reply should be taken only in the context of adding explicit support for the CC121 to Dorico itself. We would like to do this in the future, but it’s not something we have scheduled for our upcoming release.

Now that Dorico 2 has been released is support for the Steinberg CC121 been scheduled?

No, I’m afraid we do not have a specific release targeted for this.

Thank you for your quick response.

So while we are waiting for this feature is there any current midi controller that will work to let you control mixer volume or input and record dynamics in real time without using the mouse?

For controlling Mixer volume, unfortunately not as far as I know, because at present the MIDI functionality for triggering commands is limited to note on/note off and fixed MIDI controller values, but not continuous data.

However, recording automation data for e.g. CC1 or CC11 in Play mode, you should be able to use any rotary or slider control on your MIDI input device to record this data in real-time using the new MIDI recording features in Dorico 2.2.

I just purchased Dorico. It seems CC 121 is not yet supported. I am writing after about 2 years from last post. Any updates please?

There was an update less than four months ago, here: