Any support is good support, but no support is ****


Been awaiting a 1st response to a support ticket for 6 days. Anyone have any suggestions before I freak out with frustration?


Good luck, is all I can say. Steinberg support is as its worst point ever in my experience with them. If you’re in a place where they have phone support, I would try that – otherwise don’t bother, in my experience. And yes: It is sh** to experience that, makes me not respect them as a company.

Have you tried asking for help here on the forum? Who knows… a user might be able to help.

Regards. :sunglasses:


Thank you, Yes I have, well at least to part of my ticket query. It started with a forum post, asking about missing content. I received a reply and a link, from Martin Jirsak, with the missing stuff, then actually found all the missing content in the Additional Content folder, attempted to install all of it and then even download the full installer, all 21GB + of it (which takes an age) and re-istalled cubase from scratch, but I’m still getting the ‘missing…’ error when I load the project. Another problem arose therafter, with audio not playing on a track unless solo defeat was enabled, and a third problem which while I could at first create Side-Chain ducking using a compressor, subsequent attempts to do so failed agin and agian, despite the same routing methodology being used. What I will do is ut and paste my support ticket text and submit it as a new thread and see what pops up, but what is vastly annoying is that Steinberg initially emailed a ‘ticket received’ notification, then it went quiet, and that was a week ago. Isent full descriptive informatio and 3 screen shots. I thought at least I would get something back.


Yes I feel your pain, years ago Steinberg had a great system for help, but now they seem to abdicate their support to the local distributor, and that is a waste of time as they really dont know much beyond the basics. They also seem to rely on these boards hoping other users will do Steinbergs support for free.

It is really frustrating

but what’s the question?

+1! We always seem to do steinberg’s work so they won’t have to hire capable people at their help desk?

[/quote]but what’s the question?

I’ve posted the question; all 4 of them, in fact under the heading ‘VCA Faders, Side-chaning, IR Missing, No Audio-solo defeat’ in the ‘Issues’ threads.