Any tech guy that can explain this strange thing in Cubase 10 pro?

I changed recently my keyboard to a lighter version : keylab 49 essenstial.
since I did this, I have not been able to find a strange thing where automation is fighting against other automation.

I have taken time to prepare a good explanation what happens, and I really do hope that anybody can help me to solve the puzzle or tell me if it’s a bug in Cubase 10.

the conclussion of my test is : that when I use the Analog lab 4 VST together with other VST’s, and I record automation on other vst, while there is already automation on the analog lab 4 vst, then it seems that Analog lab 4 is passing the midi automation back to cubase, and cubase is sending them right away to the other vst where I record that time automation.

it’s always hard to explain something, but I took some time to make screenshot collection where I will give you some info about, then you will see that in my opinion the analog lab is buggy.

so what you see on the screenshot : 3 different midi part : 1/2/3 in blue and with yellow rectangle around (also their own automation is inside the yellow box).
then you see on the right the 3 used VST’s : sylenth1, engine2 and then analog lab.

then you see that I marked some buttons RED and GREEN.
what did I do : for track nr2 = analog lab, I recorded automation of the ANL cutoff (red) and resonance(green) button. you can see in the yellow part number 2 that there are 2 automation track. (while recording the automation the keyboars was set to : map select analog lab and on midi chanel 1.

then I switched of the read automation of ANL.
then I switch keyboard map select to user 1 (that has it’s own midi mapping made in midi control center), and listing to MIDI channel 2.
then I my engine2 VST, I did learn CC, and as you see I have 2 sliders (green and red), the red one is CC20, the green one is CC21.
when recording the automation I do move the knobs on keylab keyboard (cutoff and resonance ) and this do work perfect. as you see on my screenshot in part 3, you can see 2 automation tracks and if you look well you can see at the end of the name on that automation you can see 20 and 21 (corresponding with the CC20/CC21).

so far so good.
then I do the same for sylenth1, I record only the cutoff, also first I did learn the sylenth1 vst that the red marked button cutoff also as CC20 on map select USER1 midi 2.
when I did the actual recording of the sylenth1 automation I kept the READ automation of ENGINE2 ON, but I did switch off the automation READ of ANL.
to test first.

so when recording automation of sylenth1, the automation on engine2 was also working, no problem at all.

then for the test, and this is what you see on the screenshot, I activated the READ automation on the ANL track and then I removed the automation on the sylenth1 and tried to record the cutoff button on sylenth 1 while the test was playing and the READ automation on ANL was on.

and this you see on my left under part of picture, the blue rectangle screenshot.
you can see on sylenth1 automation a RED line I draw to show you, that was the action I was performing with the keyboard knob on the keyboard.
but if you look what happened while recording and even after, you can see the yellow line; so instead of going down, it’s going up…
why… well that’s my point for 3 days now, when ANL has also automation this automation will constant conflict that particular button i’m also using to record other automation on a total other vst with total different CC code.
as you see in the blue rectangle, look at the yellow lin of the automation on ANL, you can see the cutoff there is rising up.
so when I recorded the automation on part 1 sylenth1 vst knob Cutoff, user map1 CC20, while moving the know downwards(or against clock) the knob on my vst of sylenth1 was fighting to get up, since it seems that ANL was pushing it’s own CC automation with total different CC code to that knob to be master.

hope this info is a bit more better to understand now to see that only switching off the READ on ANL vst solve this, but that’s not the purpose to work that I have to switch off every time. and fun part is, if I do a test with 6 different vst, but not one is ANL, and then I record for every vst with the same knobs with the same CC20/CC21, then there is no internal fight on those knobs at all.
the moment there is one instance of ANL that uses the same knobs for automation, then while recording other automation on other vst’s, with the same knobs, then the ANL is messing this up while recording. For me this is a hugh bug that maybe nobody noticed, or in my keyboard or in my analog lab (but I did not found any clue on that) ANL is like the master and all the rest is slave and must listen to ANL automation while recording.(overwritting).

and yes to your question, ANL is on MIDI 1, and the 2 knobs cutoff and resonance have a cc like in the 70ths…
the other vst like sylenth 1 and engine2 are on MIDI2, and have total different CC(20+21).
and it’s not my cubase that is messing it up, it’s like the ANL vst is still sending info back to the keyboard and the keyboard picks it up and then send it back to the automation that i’m recording.



i think a found the problem, but do not know to solve it.
when recording automation in cubase, on the analog lab 4 vst, I can see one knob is recorded 2 times (so for one knob there are 2 automation instances). see my screenshot.

I noticed when recording ANL automation, when moving a knob I can see that instead of 1 automation track it’s writing 2 of them.
and what is curious about it, look at my screenshot :

I have an instance that starts with Analoglab…esonance
and the same is written as : MIdiChan…armonic…

both does the same, when I play the song then both automations are controlling the same knob in the ANL vst.
when I then try to record other vst automation like on Sylenth1, then it mess up.

when I ONLY delete the automation on ANL that starts with Analogla… and then I try to record the automation, no problem at all.

so it seems the moment ANL vst is recording Analoglab… commands, these automation tracks are messing it up all the time…

I find this very strange.
any idea how come that ANL is writing 2X information for the same knob movement?