Any time table for Wavelab 10???

Just wondering when we might expect Wavelab 10 to be released??? Thanks in advance.

As you know, Steinberg does not communicate this kind of information.
I can just say I am hard working on this version!

ok for WL10 thankx PG

but Wavelab 9.5.60 will be ever released???

If this happens, this will be after 10, as the focus is currently only on 10.

Looking forward to it!


Thanks PG!! :sunglasses:

So the real message here is - we are working on the last version of 9.50. Kinda feels like v10 is coming in the fall.


That’s where I’d put my bet too.

And hopefully this will be timed with the new acquisition Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 6, and they will hopefully both be ARA compatible for Cubase/Nuendo. Then there will be happiness and rejoicing in all the land.

But seriously, can you imagine getting all of WaveLab’s power via ARA and therefore inside Cubase/Nuendo?! I’ve been hoping for something like that for a long long time. Please say it’s so, PG!

So good to see this! :heart_eyes:

Any hope to see something “new” tomorrow @summernamm?!?

Steinberg do not usually get involved with Summer NAMM for announcements of major upgrades.

Wavelab 8.0 was May 2013
Wavelab 9.0 was March 2016

My money would be somewhere around WInter Namm (January) or perhaps here for a real announcement…


Those are both next year; PG has (somewhat cryptically) said “this year”.

Fair enough.

Sounds like a tall order tho - as v10 of Wavelab would be something major. But if they can pull it off - I am all for it.


Why a tall order? Who knows how long the features of WL10 have been in preparation.

Regardless of how long V10 has been baking - this is always a marketing thing.

I do not believe that PG would simply send a email to Steinberg Central saying “I’m done” and v10 starts rolling out the door.

As usual - Steinberg will take every opportunity to ensure this announcement comes to a wide audience via a major marketing event. I would be very surprised (Stunned actually) that a big “Version 10” of Wavelab would be release worldwide on some dead end Friday with no real marketing push.

If WL10 is a 2019 launch - my money is we hear about it here in Mid October 2019:

Does not get more “pro audio” than this.



Has Wavelab been to AES or announced to AES in the past? I’m asking because I don’t know and haven’t followed.

In occasional quiet moments, I engage in idle speculation about what the sound editor market really needs at the moment, and what the next major advance might be. WaveLab is rather handicapped at the moment because the next version is 10 - a significant event numerically only because of our decimally constructed world. (Octal based worlds would have focussed on V8; our hexadecimal programmer cousins will be anticipating V16.)

There are about three paradigms I can think of - faster, more integrated and accuracy/efficiency. I don’t see any particular technology change that facilitates an order of magnitude leap forward in this (for example, quantum computing is still a way off). For most users, any improvement in a new version is going to be a series of 1% and 2% increments in their collection of particular needs.

In terms of major paradigms, in the past there has been the move from assembly language coding to high level language compiler to facilitate cross platform versions of the product (loss of efficiency masked by improvements in processor speed and memory capacity). Or changes in the UI - changes which can cause consternation in the established user base - a base that is small but significant in the overall world of audio. Expansion in the audio formats which can be addressed, increasingly broad and often esoteric, is a continual make-work for program designers. So evolution rather than revolution seems to be the future - despite what the marketers would like us to believe with each new upgrade.

So I have some sympathy for PG trying simultaneously to meet the three paradigms above, and also provide something that will provide the marketers with talking points at a launch (and I don’t recall WL ever having a significant ‘launch’ at an American AES event). I just expect a continual refinement of the work environment that WL has created up to now, and if it has advances in a particular feature or two that is important to me, then I will continue to be a user. When it comes, I will consider. Yes, it is nice to be surprised now and then, but the older I get, the harder it is …

I didn’t think to look at the list of exhibitors, but having done so, I don’t see Steinberg listed there yet. But i hope you’re right.

As usual with Steinberg it will get released when they release it and not a moment sooner. All the speculation is for naught because only Steinberg, and maybe PG know the exact date. FWIW