Any tips for Mastering and Re verb effects on new Track? :D

Hey Y’All this is my new ‘Old School Feels Track’ lol.

WAs going for an ‘Old school hall/jazz room’ effect…
I’m still very Newb to the whole Mastering and thing. Overall my musical craft still needs A lot of Work.

The track is quiet so do turn up the volume.
(I can’t seem to get the track loud enough without at least one A. Clip…)

Thanks and Enjoy!

Quite minimalistic & you have a nice voice.
In terms of a better overall mix, the peaks seem predominantly on the bass & bass-like sounds.
EQ out everything below about 40Hz & see if that reduces your peaks.

I have no tips , but i do like the track ,it reminded me a little of Bobby McFerrin but was cool like Marc Bolan. well done.

Much Obliged! :smiley: I need to work more on my EQ! :slight_smile:

I’m Glad indeed!