Any tips for nvidia glitches?

For to the first time in my life I have a nice gaming laptop (Predator Helios 300), funny thing is I do not play games much and Cubase graphics have been going nuts. Brilliant.

It keeps bugging me and (more importantly) messes with my workflow.

The weird thing is that on some days there are almost no glitches, other days even the channel volume level meter is struggling to stay accurate. That and the track eq are the 2 biggest annoyances, but there have been a lot of ghosting on audio tracks when I try to move things around.

I tried to upgrade the nvidia driver, downgrade it, turned HiDPI on / off , messing with the windows display settings - no real change as much as I can tell.

Any ideas? Or is everyone just dealing with this? Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

As far as I know, NVIDIA offers 2 types of driver: Gaming and Studio. Use the Studio one, please.

Btw, “nice gaming laptop” is not a “nice studio laptop” at all, I’m sorry.

when there are intermittent glitches like you describe - its a notebook it may be toast. find a way to monitor the GPUs temperature , see if (high usually) temps correlates to the problem days, is why it could be diff conditions, humidity. if the heat sinks in the GPU is pluged with dust clean with vacuum/compressed air. I have had computers glitch till they got cleaned out then were fine - also you might test the power connectors for AC voltage, they are supposed to be DC only. So if you carefully test with a multimeter there should be no AC on those lines also check the DC levels - if you short these wires will most likely kill the PS maybe even MB ,etc you have to have the power on. If you are not confident messin with a powered system or disassembling notebook - then don’t. Intermittent glitches like you describe other wise are likely hardware problems , you can make sure connections or correct, that is that the connector is clean not dusty and seated fully, wire connectors same. maybe you can find a diagnostic test program at NVIDIA to download, I have seen the RAM cause stuff like that but not so likely. but there are free MEM Test programs - you can use very powerfull magnify lens to look at the vid component for bad solder connections and touch those up if any. I have found such many times - my full size ePiano lost its digital display and I found cracked connections and fixed that sucker, tracked that one down by finding the IC chip that traced to the LCD display and lookd for the paths connected to find the cracked solder connection. I have had devices that would not work till they warmed up, so i would start em wait then restart if after warm.