Any tricks for importing LM-4 presets/banks into HAL 4.5?

Hey all,

LM-4 is a forgotten plug-in by many, but I continued to use it up through 2012 (especially the XXL Wizoo kits). I used it as a frequent scratch pad, but also in many final compositions (in many cases just for the hi-hats and ride cymbals). I recently got a new Win 7 x64 DAW, but unfortunately LM-4 will not install under any circumstances. And it looks like HALion 4.x doesn’t support text file LM-4 import like earlier versions of HALion did (nor will it import fxp’s and fxb’s from LM-4). I don’t believe Groove Agent One can do it either.

If there are any LM-4 fans, I’d be curious if you have any tricks or tips for importing kits into HALion 4.x. I still have HALion 2.x on my old DAW, so if there is a two-step method that’s an option. I loaded the XXL Wizoo samples onto my hard drive, but re-constructing the kits from scratch in HAL 4.x would take considerable time. On second thought, I’ll have to check to see how the samples are named… Maybe it wouldn’t be too difficult.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Hi Sundown,

I’m running here LM4 MkII together with Cubase 6.5.4 under WIN 7 64bit and I’m shure it was a new install. So I think you should copy all Data from the CD/DVD to HDD (i.e. C:\LMSetup) and start Setup from there. Maybe this helps.

In my newer Projects i load the WIZOO XXL Kits into Halion 4. When you open the Media Bay in Halion you can see an Arrow (down) on the upper right corner of the Media Bay window. There you can Import fxb-files. This works on my machine. So no tricks are needed.