Any update in the making?

It would also be nice if the computer’s up and down arrow keys worked in Retrologue’s drop-down browser. While the arrow keys do lead to the next or previous preset, it is not loaded, unfortunately.

It sounds to me as if the Resume trigger mode only works when hitting the same key 5 or more times. The first 4 times it sounds like the Normal mode.

With the VST 2 version, the right border is cut away, i.e. the wooden panel. Instead there is a thick black vertical column.
The VST 3 version looks fine, though.
I use Reaper.

Just noticed that the black bar is actually a scrollbar, seems that the VST2 reports slightly different size data to Reaper, so the Reaper plugin window is a bit too small.

Anyway, I think it would have been better to leave the resonator section out, it is kind of useless and inappropriate for a classic analog synth. Would have been better to use that GUI space to make two separate panels for the phaser and the chorus/flanger/ensemble, and to add a compressor panel.

I think the Glide + Fingered feature does not work in poly mode. But it probably should, like on Sylenth1.

It angers me when a company is so sloppy. Steinberg has a good product there, but lost the perfectionism and thoroughness Germans used to known for. All those little imperfections listed make it feel like some beta test product.

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There is a little bug in the Retrologue user manual: it refers to the Shift parameter in the phaser section as Umschalttaste, which is the German word for the Shift key and has nothing at all to do with the Shift parameter, which refers to frequencies.

I don’t really use filter self-oscillation, but still, I tried it out of curiosity: all osc’s off, resonance to max, filter tracking to 100%, cutoff for tuning. While there is indeed a kind of sine wave more or less, there is an increasing attack delay the lower the note you play. On U-he’s Repro for instance the sound starts right away without delay, the way it should be.

What is the purpose of the random pitch control’s crazy scope? It goes from 0 to 100%, but anything beyond 1% at most is so off that it sounds wrong.