any updates/fixes before N7.5?

Hey Guys,

Appreciate N7.5 is not hitting until next year, so I’m just wondering if there will be an update that will fix some outstanding issues, especially for Mac users like myself:

-Workspaces is utterly broken - with a multi monitor setup windows are never restored to their original locations or even size. It appears Cubase 8.5 has fixed this for the most part.

-Mouse middle click and drag to move and scroll is unusable - it snaps back to either the song pointer or the point you started at, and I have to resort to clicking scroll bars to get anywhere.

Is there any chance of an update before next year that fixes this?

Btw, there are performance issues too, but on the Cubase side - Nuendo is far snappier and responsive (though still quite far away from the PC performance) than Cubase on the Mac.



Yeah, ungoing frustration. I think not only on Mac. I hope this’ll get fixed, too!

Works fine for me. What could that be?

I think there was some post mentioning some update before 7.5. But what fixes exactly this might contain, Steinberg doesn’t say, of course. I think it was explicitly mentioned because it will contain the new video engine after Apple just dropped support for QuickTime.

Here’s what’s semi-official for 7.5.

The middle mouse button is working for me here on three different machines.
Could this be related to a special mouse driver?

Hey Guys,

Thanks for your replies.
I never had an issue on my PC’s, this has only started happening since I moved to the Mac.
It could be related to that, though I don’t have issues in other programs that use the middle mouse button move.

Which is why I’ve been suggesting to SB that they start using graphics hardware acceleration for their GUI; I know that won’t solve everything but it should make redraws and moving around the session a whole lot snappier, and would have a lot of benefits with regards to visual display (transparency settings, grids, etc)

For performance improvements or video engine adjustments, nuendo subsequent versions will be possible to use the graphics card GPU computing module to achieve the help of computing mechanism? In addition to the future direction of the VR audio engine for audiophile audiences can be said to be unprecedented hearing enjoyment, nuendo will have any programs to deal with the future of audio production, or can greatly optimize our production process?