Any updates to exporting in 9? And anything to know before

Is there any improvements to the export features? Such as simultaneous export of mono and stereo?

And is there anything one must know before updating from 8?

Thanks fellas


No, there is no improvement in this area. Render in Place was already part of Cubase 8, right (or 8.5?)?

The must to know is, Cubase 9 is 64-bit only. No more 32-bit support.

Thanks … does this mean no more VST bridge?

No more VST Bridge.

you can now export cycle markers to multiple files which is very useful…

True, it comes from Nuendo.

Now out of all my plugins how do i figure out which needs to be updated to work in 9 lol

You can still use jBridge.

Isn’t it written in the Plug-in Manager, the plug-in is 32-bit? You can download Cubase 9 Trial, and try yourself. In this Cubase version, you will see, which plug-ins are 32-bit (in the Plug-in Blacklist).