Any upgrade concerns

I’m realizing I should be upgrading from 4. I’m in the middle of a project. Is there anything I need to be concerned about? Will everything work as I expect?


Finish your v4 project in 4

start your next in 5.5

There are migration issues that are not being addressed. They are not immediately apparent, and thing seem smooth at first but something definitely breaks along the way and get screwy when you save it and open it again.

There is also a slow save issue. The larger the project, the longer it takes to save. 10-30 seconds in my experience. work flow killer.

Other than that, there are cosmetic changes you’ll either like or you won’t. The GUI refresh rate gets really slow in large projects too.

Thanks I appreciate the advice.

I’m on 5.5.1 - saving is and was never a problem ??? Nothing to do with Nuendo I think. I just finished a film score with - at some points - 240 tracks - 2,5 hours long - it runs like a train here …

There’s still nothing to prevent you upgrading now, as the v5 update will install to it’s own folder an v4 will still happily run on the v5 license.
In addition, and v4 projects opened in v5 and saved for the first time invokes a “this was created in an earlier version” dialogue that offers the option to say “buggrit” and over write, or create a new save file.
If swapping versions in the middle (for whatever reason - I may have done a mix in, say, v4 and been asked to now do a 5.1 in v5) I always use the “back up to new folder” option in v5 before I do anything that might possibly damage the original, saved v4 mix.

I hope that makes sense.

It’s likely a PC version issue. I should have mentioned that.

As noted above, v5 installs to it’s own folder and we used both for a while until we were happy with v5. Definitely recommended so you can finish v4 projects while starting new ones in v5 - there never seems to be a time when everything finishes simultaneously.

I also think the slow save is a PC version issue - we use v5.5.1 on both Macs and PCs and the PC save is much slower.


Interesting. I defragged a couple of days ago and ever since have been wrestling with Nuendo crashing. I’m going to connect the machine (PC) to the net and see if there are new drivers that might help this morning but I thought upgrading might be a solution if all else fails. It’s probably time to upgrade anyway.

Well, we’ll see what today brings. I really appreciate all the comments.