Any videos of TRACKING with Nuage?

Are there ANY videos of any studio actually TRACKING A SESSION with Nuage? I’m still not sold on the ITB front end approach and I want to be sure it’s really viable before I let go of my desk. I also considered feeding the outs of the mic pres digitally to my desk (BEFORE IT REACHES THE PC) for the talent monitoring with FX, which would also offer me 6 cue mix capability. That should work the same as overdub monitoring, right?

We “track” with Nuage, although we never exceed a dozen tracks or so. (We are a Post Facility)
That being said, we are working without Hardware front endfor the last decade.
I see no problem at all. Except when you want -for example- to record the lead vocalist while he/she is hearing reverb, delay and other effects.
In the days before Nuage, we also had a large Hardware mixer, which served for nothing else than monitoring mixer.
If you are used to “big desk” tracking, and don’t want to give up any of the luxury, then I don’t think Nuage is a good idea for tracking. For mixing it’s a different story…


Thanks for the response. What about the “digital mixer as insert” (Mic Pre > AD > Digital in of Desk > Digital out of Desk > Computer) idea, would that work for latency free monitoring during the tracking phase? Theoretically, it SHOULD work the same as playback from the PC to the desk when the players are doing overdubs, right?