Any VST's similar to Loopmash2 ?

Hi folks,

I really like using Loopmash2, but was wondering if you know of any
VST out there that is ‘similar’ to Loopmash2?

I use other DAWs and would love to know of any other program like this.
What else do you all use?

(I also have Native Instruments Komplete, so maybe a Reaktor instrument?) :question:

Thanks !

Anyone ??

Aloha k,

I am probably wrong on this but I personally have not heard of one.
I think Steiny has this one ‘locked up’.

In my studio the young artists love it along with Padshop.

But of the older ones…naw!

I wonder how many Cubase 7 users are actually experimenting with Loopmash 2, and using it in their final tracks ?

LM2 seems to get very little publicity :slight_smile:

Actually, I don’t think there is anything like it on the market. So, LM2 is a unique product, and imho. can create some unique rhythms. and much more. Its just kind of looked down on most of the time. (better to keep it a secret if you are using it in your tracks) :mrgreen:


Naw! the ultimate negative statement from a Scot. example: can I borrow your electronic drum kit for a gig? NAW!
George Lucas should have had lord Vader say it in revenge of the sith… :slight_smile: