Any WaveLab 8 book out yet?

Is there a physical WaveLab 8 book out yet?

I know there’s one for 7:

WL7 needed something because there wasn’t even an decent pdf. As a matter of fact, the absence of a decent manual was the #1 reason for hating WL7. Maybe thats why a 3rd party finally jumped at the opportunity?

WL8 has a great pdf. Do you think a 3rd party could improve it? I think the pdf is pretty comprehensive.

I too would like a WL8 book and would pay extra for it. But these days I think I’m in the minority. Besides rabid environmentalists will always explain to me why I don’t need a physical manual.

Then ask them if they’ve ever heard of eBooks! :wink:

greggybud: Great answer. I hadn’t thought of that at all.

I wasn’t really aware that there wasn’t a decent manual for WL7 either. I agree the WL8 PDF seems great.

Yes, I’d love to buy a WL8 book. Hard-copy, 3rd party, all color captures, glossy carton sleeve. I would love to spend the extra dollars for the “luxury”, read the whole thing, and then show it off on a shelf in my home studio. And I’m a person that love to read manuals. I take paper manuals with me to bed.

I don’t think this book would so much improve on the manual. More like be a book about recording, editing, mastering, etc. completely based on WL8.

New question: Can one buy the manual physically?


No, the last paper Wavelab manual was for WL6. You could ofcourse have the pdf for WL8 printed - that would be quite pricy I think, but at least the page size is A4 in the pdf now.

How strange. Oh well. Thanks again.

I think that’s a great idea Arjan. But as you say it can be pricey (no wonder nobody prints manuals anymore). You can get it for $77 if you choose all the cheapest options here:
That gets you a 3-ring binder and double sided printing on 3 hole paper. In the preview it looks pretty similar to the old Wavelab 6 manual. I would think you could do the same thing cheaper yourself if you just go there and use their copiers, but maybe it would still cost close to that. Not sure.

I have only seen 1 instance where a user in the Cubase forum got a Cubase manual printed for a “reasonable” cost. And unfortunately that users source was a brick and mortar printing business who wasn’t very interested in printing more copies.

I would love a printed paper manual, but not for $77.

Also keep in mind future program upgrades. Wavelab 9 is supposedly going to have automation included! I would never buy a printed Cubase7.5 because I think there are huge windows changes coming for Cubase 8.