Any WaveLab Promos?

Hi all,

I’ve been a Cubase user since probably version 2.0. I’m finally thinking about getting WaveLab 8.5 for mastering and 2-channel clean-up.

Are there any discounts available or do any promos generally run Black Friday (historically)? I would definitely need the full product, not Elements.

I was hoping getting just the activation code since I already have an eLicenser was less expensive, but on Steinberg’s shop, it is the same price.

Thanks all!

I don’t think the box comes with a USB-key, so it is the same product - even though costs for Steinberg are higher to send people a box with DVDs in it.

Don’t just buy from Steinberg by assuming it is the manufacturer and therefor cheapest. Look around and you can save tens of euros/dollars just by going to a (online) music shop.

Actually - the box does come with a dongle. And definitely look around - I saved @ $150 by buying from a local dealer, rather than Steinberg direct.