any way of controlling studio sends with CC121/Euphonix?


Is there any way of controlling studio sends with any hardware? I have euphonix artist control and mix and a CC121 and the new CMC’s



Yes, you can on the Artist Mix. I didn’t work with this few months… But I think, when you switch to the AUX…

Or you can use any MIDI controller and make your own assignment in the Cubase.

On the CC121, you can use the AI Knob.


the aux just does regular sends though doesn’t it? I want to control the control room studio send levels.

The AI knob is a waste of time for things like this.


Oh, I see. Isn’t possible to Assign this in the EuCon app?


checked the quick controls too but didn’t find a menu for studio sends only regular sends :frowning:

It would be nice to have a modifier key and use the aux button on the euphonix to use the studio sends.