Any way of forcing the dynamics below the staff of a particular instrument?

The score has a player on Alto Flute. The dynamics are placed above. It could be because Dorico reads the word Alto as a voice. (Haven’t tried it but assume the same would happen with e.g. the saxophone family.)

I changed the instrument name in set-up to Alt Flute but it still sets the dynamics above? I can flip every one but is there some way to restore it to dynamics beneath?

Thanks for any help.

It’s definitely because Dorico’s interpreted the instrument as an Alto voice.
Don’t change the instrument name. Change the instrument itself. You do that by clicking the disclosure arrow to the left of the player in the left panel of Setup mode, which will reveal the instrument. Then hold your mouse over the instrument name and click the disclosure arrow that appears just to the right, and click Change Instrument. Then search the instrument picker for the correct instrument (which will be in the Woowind section, not the Singers section).

By the way, the Alto Flute is a transposing instrument. Assigning the wrong alto will give you the wrong transposition as well as dodgy dynamics, so it’s crucial you allocate the right instrument.

Many thanks. That’s done it. I haven’t had to change instruments until now as I haven’t needed to assign them from the official list. The players are those coming in on the xml file.
I’ll take care in future if there’s any ambiguity.