Any way of linking the arranger track to the project window?

What I mean is that so when i move an arranger part, all the parts in the project window underneath move with it. Currently they are all independent of each other. so when i want to move sections of a song elsewhere, I have to move all the parts first and then move all the arranger sections after and try ago carefully line them up to how they were before. Is this expected behaviour or is there a way of linking the two?

The arranger track has many benefits, a bunch of playlists e.g. included, rearranging with one click, open new seperate .cpr etc.
But arranger parts not working as a drag drop tool, like in other daws.
There are several shortcuts for your request, keycommands are your friends in this point.
Another great and simple solution is to use a main Folder, then you can work like this drag/drop/copy/rearrange thing in other daws.

Thanks but none of the select functions were working for me - but i’ve figured out what was going wrong.

I had the arranger track in the top split screen section, so that it would always be visible no matter where i was in the main arrange page so i could always know where i was in the song. But i’ve just realised that when you do this, none of the select functions in the arrange tool work anymore, I guess because it disconnects the arranger track from the main arranger window. When I move the arranger track back into the main window from the split screen top header it reconnects, and everything works as should. ie so when i ‘select al in loop’ after looping an arranger part, it now selects al the main project window parts whereas before it didn’t.

There should be a way that you can have the arranger still connected to the main arrange window when in split mode, without losing normal select functionality. Bizarre that it doesn’t.