Any way to access midi loops from Groove Agent 3, Groove Agent 2?

The old Groove Agent midi loops were excellent, in GA1, GA2, GA3.

Is there any way to access them? Running these old VSTi’s is painful now (jbridge, etc).

Can the midi files be extracted from the .bin files in any way?

Could Steinberg share them?

I feel like, when you buy a piece of expensive sound and sequence content, it’s a real problem if that’s inaccessible when technology moves on, largely because of the copyright protection concerns of the company. If I buy standalone midi loops or sample sets, they work brilliantly forever.

Hi. There is via the browser, so press F5 on PC while inside Cubade. You need to look in the VST or something named along those lines folder, where Cubase stores all the presents for it’s diferent instruments. The patterns and samples should be there somewhere. I found them there and I recall wondering why Stainberg hid them from the Groove Agent Browser. I hope it helps you narrow down the search.

Oh great thanks I’ll dig in. Loved Cubase for a decade when everything was tethered to desktop but rarely use it now, or any Steinberg stuff; whenever I’m on laptop on the move (or sofa) I never remember to unplug and carry the dongle, so I’ve naturally transitioned to Ableton and Komplete!