Any way to add a tempo map and keep the project without a new project being created

I had a band with a tempo map from midi the other day. I usually start a project with all songs in the same file. I googled it real quick the day they did it and I came to the conclusion I had to make different projects from each tempo map. Which I did. I am wondering is there is any way to merge them now? I have tried it a few times already. It merges the audio perfectly fine. But not the tempo map.

I have a project now with maybe 30 songs in it
Each one is tempo mapped
Open both projects
Select copy from the one and paste into the other
After all the other songs so it doesn’t shift the tempo maps of them
It help if your tempo adjustments are snapped to grid .
And make sure you copy the initial tempo a measure or 2 before
It took me lots of trial and error
But I’m able to do this easily and consistently now

Also it helps if your tempo signature track marker tracks are in the same order
You might also benefit by pasting audio and midi after the fact

I tried merging them when the band was here the other day. I spent a few minutes and gave up so I did not make them wait 20 minutes until I got it done.

So you are saying physically copy the song from one song to the other and paste? Like Select all and copy than paste vs doing the project merge?

What process are you using to “merge” them?

Import/tracks from project/

input position - at cursor possession

then does not matter if I select bring to new tracks or merge into previous tracks. The audio comes in either way. But not the tempo.

And you are selecting tempo track and signature track for import as well? For me, that imports the tempo and signature data to new “track versions” on the tempo and signature tracks in the project window

Yes, I am.

I selected cursor position and not absolute position though. I have tried all three with no luck. I am just trying to import tempo and signature now to see if it works.

Uncheck “events and parts” if just importing the tempo and sig data

It is just not doing it for some reason. When I hit okay nothing happens. The tempo track was made using protools. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

weird. Could try export a midi track from the other session, and then import that midi file into your master session you are building. Tempo stuff and markers usually come along with the imported midi file,

I’m sorry I might’ve been unclear what I meant is select everything in the project window by using the arrow tool and lassoing around it markers, tempo marks, audio midi, etc. then hit control C or option C on a Mac go to the other song activated and paste it in this is the only way I’ve been able to get tempo information From one song or project to another