Any way to automate the OK button with an MCU ?

Hi all !

Been using cubase for years, and for a long time with a BCF 2000.

Recently got this device Hardware / Sound Cards / iCON QCon review - Espace Cubase which is just the same as an MCU feature-wise.

I remember that on a “real” MCU that a friend of mine had lent me for a while, there were utilities buttons with an “Enter” key. But I can’t remember if it worked in Cubase or not.

Can anyone tell me if the enter key is active in cubase (for example if you add a stereo track, can you validate with this button rather than push the enter key on your keyboard). If yes, could you please have a quick look in the quick controls window - do a “learn” - and tell me what MIDI message is sent by this button.


Hi !

Aftger using this controller for a while I just realised that the “modal dialogs” in Cubase cannot be remote-controlled with a control surface. That’s a pity because everytime I open a modal dialog from the controller, I have to reach for my computer keyboard to either validate or escape the dialog.

As an example, in Logic Pro with a Mackie Control, you have an enter and a cancel key and the modal dialog contents appear on the controller’s scribble strip.

I guess this could be implemented in Cubase, couldn’t it ? at least an enter function mirroring the enter key on the comp keyboard (or maybe just a programmable shortcut).


I noticed something similar with binding delete to a button on my cc121. I can use the button fine for deleting parts or notes, but if I want to delete a track for instance, I need to use shift delete and in this combination the button won’t work. It looks like Cubase makes a difference between the functionality of a command and a keycommand, which might also be why your setup doesn’t work.

+1 on a fix!

Hi !

The main problem is that on the original MCU, the button normally labelled “Enter”, in the utilities section, becomes “Shift” when used with Cubase and is therefore not used as an Enter key.

But these two buttons are definitely needed if users want to quit their mouse/keyboard as much as posible.

On the Logic button setup, there are even modifier keys available (Alt, command and what not).

The implementation could be made better on the MCU’s side, but also on the cubase side. Am I wrong saying that ?

What is strange is that in the keycommands, almost every keyboard key can be used and affected a function, except the “enter” key. This is strange.

for example, if I add a mono track, no problem, it is validated by default, but if I choose to add a stereo track, I have to validate with my keyboard’s enter key.

I had never noticed that so much because I mainly used my controller for mixing, but even when mixing, some modal dialogs appear and I have to leave the controller to close these windows.


Hi !

Silly me !!! :mrgreen:

After using Cubase for years and having used a few controllers with it, I just realised that, in the list of remote-controllable parameters, there is a “Focus” line with four controllable parameters : “confirm”, “escape”, “move up”, “move down”. It allows anyone with a simple midi controller to control the validation/escape for any contextual window that would come up when using Cubase, thus avoiding using the enter/escape key on your computer keyboard.

This is going to change my life when using my controller :wink: