Any way to batch export including any master bus processing?

Hi all.

I regularly have to export individual tracks for my production house clients when a project moves into later stages of production.

When the purpose is editing or anything that uses my mix as is, I like to preserve the processes I have on my master bus which can include compression, EQ, multi-band compression, audio enhancers, any tape saturation etc. These are obviously an essential part of my mix and in these cases doing a batch export leads to a vastly different mix being exported.

So I’m forced to export track by track by soloing to attempt preserving some of the original mix color (compression works on the mix as a whole so that doesn’t translate quite well).

Is there any way of automating this process so I’m not bogged down for hours by it? Perhaps some kind of script automation process that I’m missing?

Thank you for any help!

P.S. I’m talking here about music for brands or entertainment properties and their unique time constraints. Record production is obviously a different animal where this would not be really appropriate for its production process.