Any way to change the starting volume when making a new project?

I’m using Dorico Elements 4, it’s just really frustrating to always have to change the volume on every slider because it really isn’t too audible otherwise. I’m not using Dorico for it’s many playback options to upload somewhere, it’s just a quicker way to compose for me and I can hear what I’m writing out so I won’t make any mistakes. Every slider starts out on -6.02 which is really quiet, might be alright if I’m using headphones but 9 times out of 10 I’m not. Any way to permanently just put it at max or at least 0 instead of -6.02?

I haven’t tried it but will this work for all subsequent projects? It’s in Preferences.

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Yes, I agree with your comment. The default volume is too low.

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For reference, Daniel S commented on this last year.

I find it’s basically impossible to hit 0 on the Preferences slider. Easiest way IMO, is to open up your preferences.xml file and set the defaultPluginOutputGain setting to 1, which zeroes all the faders in the mixer.

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That’s sensible, I just think you should be able to change the default as per one’s own needs. I’m at max volume on laptop speakers and the max volume in Dorico can barely be considered loud, you know?

I’ll try this out if the first comment doesn’t work, but! If you want to just set the sliders to 0, you double click the numbers. On the slider, double click the part that says -6.02 and it’ll change to 0.

I’ll check it out, thanks!

Edit: I tried it out, this is what I was looking for, thank you kindly and dearly <3