Any way to chop off C6 and above on Edit in Place Piano Roll

I’m not able to keep the MIDI track data (channel, instrument) on the screen while simultaneously seeing the controller data of the MIDI track (using “Edit in Place”). It’s either lose the track data off the top of the screen or the controller data off the bottom.
I’d just avoid the “Edit in Place” window and just use the key editor, except in the key editor there’s no “mini transport bar” up at the top, which I find I depend on.

It’d be nice if this were an adjustable slidey kind of parameter - just lop off the top 1/3 of the keyboard if it’s not used in a given part.

I don’t guess there IS a parameter like that, is there?

Thanks -

With the In-Place Editor open, move the mouse pointer just to the left of the vertical virtual keyboard, then back to the right, until the Select tool changes to a Hand tool over the vertical keyboard. Drag the mouse horizontally… it will zoom the keyboard, and drag vertically to scroll it. In this way you can have visible just the keyboard range that you wish.

V-F. you have supernatural knowledge of these products - thank you so much for that tip!