Any way to control parameters with external controllers?

As you can see, there is a percentage bar of how much you want to either quantize pitch or straighten the curve.

Surprisingly, there simply aren’t any key commands for these parameters. (While there is a key command to increase or decrease the grid like from 1/4 grid to 1/2).

So I was wondering if there was any way to control these parameters by sending these parameter signals from Cubase to a 3rd party software?

If there isn’t a way, how would I go about to achieve this? (Coding required?)

For basic control like having a hardware knob that generates cc data control a parameter in Cubase you should check out Quick Controls in the manual. Take care as there are 2 sets of Quick Controls - one for each Track and another for each VSTi.

For more complicated and sophisticated controller integration you’d use Generic Remote.

Both of these are too complicated to really explain in a forum post - there must be some videos out there explaining them, but I can’t recommend anything specifically.