Any way to copy and hack a controller?

I have a MK2 Akai mpk mini controller which I suspect works remarkably like the MK3.

There are likely more mk2s around than mk3s.

Anyway, after some blind clicking and getting a bit baffled, I thought I’d see if I could edit the MK3 into being a MK2. I found the scripts and copied and renamed them into the user area but that wasn’t enough and I couldn’t find anything else obvious to hack in notepad.

I’m not installing Visual Studio and starting from scratch.

So anyway, I did program a basic interface through Cubase but found the knob programming a bit confusing. Spotting that the MK3 had set up the buttons as QCs, I tried picking those up from the Inspector, but that didn’t seem to work. When I picked them up from Halion controls they seemed specific, but eventually tripped over the QC panel in the VST plugins and that seemed to be the best interface to start clicking from and I got the QC controls quickly configured. I haven’t yet had time to work out how these settings will vary from instrument to instrument.

Quite a bit of time spent but looks promising.