Any way to disable/enable C states from within Windows or Cubase (not BIOS)?

I can change C states within the BIOS but I’d like to be able to change them within Windows because I only need them when running Cubase. Right now I have to shut down, enter BIOS, make the change then reboot every time I want to change C states. On my current laptop they make a decent difference in terms of latency but they also force my machine to pull a lot more power than necessary when idling and cut my battery life in about half.

As far as I can tell, the “Steinberg Power Scheme” does not affect C states. I know they can be changed from within Windows but I don’t know how to do so. The Windows power plan settings I can find have no effect on C states.

Anybody have a better way to enable/disable C states without rebooting every time? Or maybe to only enable them when on battery?


Here is a utility that modifies C-states.

Once you nail down the C-state configuration that works, you can use the POWERCFG command in a batch file to change/restore the setting(s).

Thanks - unfortunately that app won’t run on my Win11 laptop. It installs but then does nothing when I try to launch it.

Does anyone know how to change the C states with powercfg? I’ve seen some indication on other forums that that can be done but I don’t know how.