Any way to dock the Marker window?

By docking, I mean putting it in the right or lower zones. Doesn’t appear to be any option in the manual that I can see other than opening and closing the floating window, but thought I’d ask in case I’m missing something.

No, there’s no way to do that. The only thing sort of close, maybe, is splitting the Track List Project Window with the nearly invisible line on upper right. This way the the marker track can stay on top and the other tracks scroll below. Sometimes very useful.

Dividing the Track List

Thanks, Steven.

I’m already doing that, but was hoping for a vertical list of marker names as well. In addition to the fact that the marker window floats and gets in the way, the marker list in the left zone only has the IDs and times, no names. What I’d really like is the ability to see the names in the left marker zone that’s already there, and was just trying to fake it with the floating window.

Looks like you can’t get there from here.

Yeah, a few possible helps on this.

  1. The Markers may be given a Description and the Description field may be dragged over to the first item. This makes it easier to see and navigate to if you skinny up the Marker Editor and make it “always on top.” Sadly, I notice the description field is NOT moved to the first position in the Inspector. It should – good feature request that might be possible.

  2. An Arranger Track may also have named segments and those are easily visible in the inspector. While the names do show in the Inspector, the user has to negotiate possible complications arising from using an Arranger Track/Arranger Chain. Great feature, but sometimes annoying when writing/recording parts.

    Again, your concept is good – worth a post in “feature requests.” Good luck with your work. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I haven’t played with the Arranger Track feature. Old habits and all that. Perhaps it’s time to learn some new tricks. From your screen shot it looks like the names are listed in the inspector. If I can double click in the inspector to navigate, that might get it done.

By the way, this particular use case is working up a couple dozen songs for a new cover band. I have them all on one audio track with markers, but if you zoom out enough to fit them all it becomes a bit unwieldy. For something like that a vertical list for navigation would be ideal. The Marker Window does exactly that but the floating window gets in the way and annoys me. I’ll give the Arranger a try and see what tricks it can do.

Appreciate the help, man.

Arranger Track may be the better choice. If all the songs are on audio tracks, then create an Arranger Track where the segments match each song. Give those a title in the Arranger Track Editor. By Default, Cubase names the segments A, B, C, D and – it can get confusing, but, each segment in the Arranger Chain can be named. You could use the song title (that may get a bit truncated in the editor) or whatever works.

What’s good about using Arranger Track rather than just Markers: Ability to change the order of the songs regardless of where they are in the project. You might create different set lists or longer or short versions of songs, even. (It can get crazy). It’s possible to have many different arranger chains, but only one arranger track per project.

Easy way to create arrange segments from cycle markers.

  1. Create Cycle Marker for each Song or Segment.
  2. Create Arranger Track (directly above or under Marker Track)
  3. Set Locators to Cycle first cycle.
  4. Now, double click on Cycle Marker, then double click in the Arranger Track. Cubase creates an Arranger Track Segment equal in length to the cycle. Easier than drawing segments with the pencil. In fact, I think you can just set the locators to the cycle and double-click in the arranger track to create the segment of the same length as the cycle.

If you get an order you like, you may to “flatten” the whole thing. When you “flatten” you may create a new project (best way to go is “new project” imho) with all the segments in the order of the Arrangement Chain. Cubase can make real copies of the audio files, etc. You’ll work all that out easily.

If you’re doing live playback, Arranger Track affords a few handy features – stop playback after each segment, plus a few other things that might be useful. You’ll find those in the drop down list for the Arranger Track Inspector.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

While it’s now on my to do list, I haven’t had a chance to sit down with the Arranger and manual yet. However, wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all the help. Much appreciated.

You’re very welcome. Arranger Track is one of the coolest features of Cubase, imho.