Any way to dump effects settings in readable form?

Another upgrade question here - since I normally wait to upgrade my Cubase until I need to make a major hardware upgrade, I tend to need to do a major upgrade to plugins as well. That often means that old projects don’t line up inserts and effects with the new versions and I have to manually recreate settings when migrating old projects. Jumping back and forth between machines (especially when having to transfer the eLicenser) is a bit of a pain.

Is there a way to dump settings for effects and inserts in a readable format, especially on older versions like 7?


I’m sorry, I’m not aware about this feature in Cubase.

The Projects > Browser can show all data in a nice matrice. But…

  1. You would need an Automation Node for every single parameter of every single plug-in.
  2. There is no way, how to export this data to some TXT/XML/CSV/whatever format.

I’ll often use screen-grabs to document parameter settings and the like. Kinda clunky, but quick & easy.