Any way to edit only tracks selected in multitrack section?

Never knew of the edit active tracks feature before (really wish I did), but I can’t seem to figure out what this one specifically does?

First of all, what is considered an active track and what exactly does All Parts on Active Track mean in the Part Editing Mode? I was hoping it meant whatever I select in the multi track section above in the editor, but it doesn’t seem to be. What does this feature do and is there a way I can modify only the tracks I select in the multi-track selection?

eg: given the following editor image

I currently have the Part Editing Mode set to “Active Track”, which allows me to modify only the first Eclipse selection (incorrectly labeled Hellraiser in the Active Part for Editing dropdown, ignore this).

I would like to be able to select both of the Eclipse parts up top, and be able to modify everything in the selection without affecting the Hellraiser or Ray. Is that possible?

like this?

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The manual is your friend.

Perhaps we’re misunderstanding each other here, so maybe I can put it a different way: I can only seem to have 1 track active at any given time. Is it possible to have more than one track active, so that Part Editing Mode: Active Track can manipulate more than 1 track (but NOT all visible tracks)?

P.S. It seems that the ability to glue multiple midi events across multiple tracks has been removed in Cubase 13, was this intended?


Sorry, for my wrong understanding.

I hope the following video helps.

Screen Recording 2023-12-06 at (3.9 MB)