Any way to fix this?

I think the fault is obvious. Same thing happens with all the other staves with player names instead of instrument names. It’s a minor thing but still annoying.

Have you made any changes to player or instrument names?

Can you please attach your project, trimmed down if necessary?

No, haven’t made any changes.

Are you able to upload the project

In Setup Mode, right-click the Player and select Rename Player from the menu. This will open a dialog box allowing you to set the short name.

Renaming the player (and I tried EVERYTHING) doesnt’t work. The secondary instrument is always too far to the left. I opened another project and tried to do the same thing but it simply doesn’t align the player name correctly when condensed with another instrument. It’s sad 'cause you really should be able to see all instruments a player is holding in the full score, and be able to condense with another player. Like Oboe 1 with Oboe 2 & English horn if the other oboist is also playin oboe at that moment. Another option would be to have the player name only on the first system and instrument name on the following systems, but that as well seems to be impossible, unless you write it as a separate text frame, but then the alignment becomes an issue because instrument names can’t be aligned manually…

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On a condensed system, Dorico is aligning the name with the name above and leaving room for the number. With a period added this seems pretty obvious as they are in alignment:

It does look rather terrible though. It would be nice if Dorico was smart enough to not leave room for a non-existent number if one isn’t required.

I’ve requested this multiple times as well, as it is a standard way of presenting Reed doubles in jazz or musical theater work. Perhaps in Dorico 5 …

Yep, I’ve always felt that staff names are a little inflexible. It’s obviously very complicated because of how everything is internally linked, but my feeling is that there should be some sort or staff label override available on every staff label. It could have a signpost when changed.

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+1, completely agree! This is really easy to do in Finale with a Staff Style containing a staff name override.

This looks as if one is using the Player Name rather than the instrument name; although one might have to make some manual adjustments elsewhere, I expect using instrument names here might bring the score closer to what one desires, at least in this location.

What you could do is manually rename the oboes to Ob. 1 and Ob. 2 so the number is part of the name and doesn’t get any special treatment.


That was a simple and elegant solution. Thank you so much!