Any way to force "silicon native" start up in Nuendo?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to force Nuendo to start up in Native mode - presumably simply not loading any third party software that would require Rosetta?

Has anyone experimented with creating a plug-in set for this purpose?

For general music production I still need many Rosetta products but for things like VO and podcast editing it would be nice to be able to boot a silicon native set up to speed up exports etc.


Well, if you don’t select Rosetta, N12 will start native on M1 and M2 Macs and will only use VST3 Apple Silicon plug-ins.

My understanding is you make that selection once on the first boot on a silicon machine. I’m looking for a way to switch between both.

N12 has never asked me to choose Rosetta since the first boot.


If you right click the icon in apps and select Get Info. In there is the tick box for Rosetta. (Not the desktop icon, the apps folder icon).

The only thing I will say is when first installed Rosetta is not ticked but Cubase still opens in Rosetta. I had to tick it for Rosetta and open it then close it and untick Rosetta again and reopen to get M1 native. Not sure of that was true for N12 too.

I think the new 12.0.40 actually has “Apple Silicon” on the splash screen during start up. So if it says apple silicon during start up your good

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Thank you! Great info!

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What I’ve done is duplicate the Nuendo app in the Application folder and named the copy Nuendo Rosetta. Then in that copy’s Get Info check Rosetta.
That way you just open the version you want to run with no need to go and check and uncheck the Rosetta setting all the time.
You just have to re-do the duplication of the Nuendo app when any Nuendo updates are installed as it will only update the original version.

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Thank you! I’ve had the chance to try this and aside from being disappointed at which plugins are not yet native… it’s great.

One strange twist: I never recalled choosing Rosetta at all, but N12 was in fact running in it. But when I did get info the rosetta box was unchecked. I had to check it and uncheck it again to get N12 to load in Apple Silicon. Now that that’s done it works fine.

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@Hopetown yes that is how it installs by running in Rosetta without it ticked. Very odd, its the only software i have that does that when installed.

Glade its all M1 now :slight_smile: