Any way to get C5 installer/disk image?

Let me start off by pointing out that I am NOT looking for any pirated software, cracked or otherwise. What I am looking for is information on where I can get a disk image of the Cubase 5 install disk, or if it is possible to get an actual disk, or if it’s even OK for me to do so. I recently upgraded from Studio 4.5.2 to full 6. I am told my C6 license will allow me to run C5 as well. My workflow absolutely requires transparent events, I cannot edit in the manner or timeliness that I normally do without that. So I would like to run C5 instead. When/If Steinberg makes an update for C6 that includes transparent events I can start using C6. Does anyone know if: I am allowed to run C5 with my C6 license; Steinberg has C5 installation files/disks you can request?


Anyone have the demo .dmg at least? Anything? I can unlock the demo with my C6 license too, it seems the Cubase 5 Demo .dmg is gone from the Steinberg server :frowning:

Download the latest version of 5 here, and you should be good to go:

That is an update. You need to have the program installed in the first place to install an update to it.