Any way to group assign tracks/levels in CB6?

When I import stems for mixing I begin by assigning many of those tracks (such as all the drum tracks) to their own output sub-busses. It’s a bit tedious, error prone and slow on large projects to go through every track, one at a time, setting the output paths.

I tried selecting multiple tracks and changing the output path of one - thinking it would affect all selected - but it only affects the immediate track. Is there any way to select multiple tracks and assign their outputs all at once?

Likewise, when I start a mix I like to pull every track fader down to -6dB as a starting point. Any way to grab all the tracks/channels and pull the faders down to -6dB in one swoop?

Select tracks, hold Shift (or maybe Alt or maybe a combination like Shift + Ctrl - I don’t know it, just my fingers do :laughing: ) to route multiple tracks.

Faders: select multiple channels and use the arrow keys to adjust the level (it’s slow but as far as I remember the best way in C6).

Thanks so much for the tips - will try them out tonight!