Any way to hear monitor using eq but record without?

Not sure if I have missed anything but I dont want any of the monitoring processing to be captured…I want that to be plain vanilla but I need the singer to hear the processing. Eg when using a ribbon, it has a lot of tilt applied but I want to do that with different eqs, not the yamaha when Im actually mixing


Yes, in dspmixfx you can choose monitor or insert effects (under the channel strip level meter), and of course mon. fx is what you want.
But you write “tilt”, and I don’t know where you get the eq from, so some clarification here would help:)
Good luch

Thanks Magnus
Hmm…now I feel pretty dumb…dont usually need a manual for a mixer hehe.
Appreciate your time.
EQ tilt is common…unfortunately dspfx eq is VERY limited but it does sound pretty reasonable.

Yes it is, my question was where in dspmixfx you found the eq:)

Just on e button…

Well its cheating but works fine for monitoring…is that what you meant?

Haha, I had totally forgot about the eq, shame on me!
That eq is actually very good for spicing up monitoring for singers, I understand why you use it:)

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Cant use ribbons on vocals without it!
It is decent although quite similar to cubase eq…guess we are even now hehe?

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