Any Way to Hide Folders?

Working with folders is awesome for organising stuff, but if you have a few subfolders it can be confusing when you are trying to select the Intrument Track. Is there a way to hide folders or possibly dim the colour of the folders so that it sticks out more to the Track itself?

You can use “Visibility Agent” to have folders show or not (left top of project window with mixer show, or from F3 Mixer). Colors can be adjusted on the colors drop down, bottom of the list, see button for color options.

That does not seem to work. If a Track is within the Folder it hides both.

Yes, it will do, this is by design but obviously won’t accomplish what you want.

Colouring the folders is possible as Stephen says, are you on 9 or 9.5 and Elements/Artist or Pro?

I’m in 9.5 Pro.

I think what would be nice as an option is if the folders get darker in HUE the more levels you get. So your Track colour would be Red for example and the higher up you go the colour will appear darker of the same shade of red. Just making the Track colours stick out more. I will need to go the colouring in of the Folder for now.