Any way to "ignore" sections of audio in a montage using splice markers?

so… i use splice markers (as we should!) in the montage to make my track IDs… but, i have a client that we’re editing a live recording from and he wants a few spots in the audio (musicians prepping for the next song, tuning, etc…) totally eliminated from the final release.

of course, i can edit the actual WAV file and delete these parts, but in the sake of non-destructibility and the ability to go back and change these points later if we need to… is there a way to mark out audio in the montage where the audio between the markers is simply ignored by the final track selection and track naming, numbering, etc… ie: 10 seconds of audio that will not be included in any final track export…

hope i’m explaining clearly enough… and hoping there’s a way to do it



I think “Audio in Pauses” can work to make working master Montage
and then when you final master is approved then delete
“Audio in Pauses” or I’m I thinking wrongly here?
anybody else :wink:

regards S-EH

oh… i notice something called an EXCLUSION MARKER in the marker tab… that sounds promising… let me hit the manual…

This only concerns playback, for the audio montage, not rendering.

yeah, just noticed that… i rendered, but that section was still in there… at least it gave me an easy way to find, select, and delete out of the rendered WAV…

is there another way to exclude from rendering?