Any way to lock mixers?

Hi- I’m using all three mixers- the first for groups/fx mostly, the other two for audio. Every time I switch workspaces between the Project window and back to the mixers, both mixers with audio channels revert to the default position and I have to reset/scroll them to what I want to see.

Does anyone know of a way to lock them in place so they can’t move? I can’t find anything in the manual about it. Not a huge deal, but annoying to have to keep doing this

Thanks in advance for any input


you can switch off all other channels, in the Mixer. I mean, if you are using one mixer for groups/fx only, switch all other tracks. This is the reason, why there are more mixers.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I understand that. This is a large project and 2 mixers are dedicated to just the audio tracks. The first is channels 34-64, the second is 64-93. I’m just trying to get them to stay in that position. When I change Workspaces to the Project window and then back to the mixers, they both show tracks 34-64. I’m just trying to get the second mixer to stay fixed showing tracks 64-93.

I just didn’t know if there was a way to lock each mixer view so it won’t move?

OK, then. It’s possible. :wink:

In the Preferences > Editing > Project&Mixer, deactivate the Sync Project and Mixer Selection. It should work, how do you want. :wink:
Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 8.31.30.png

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Thanks, Martin, I appreciate it.

The only problem now is that when selecting a track in the mixer, it’s not selected in the project window. It seems it would be a simple thing to lock a mixer window the same way we can lock a track?

Anyway, I appreciate your input- thanks again

I think you’ll want to read Martin’s first reply again, because I think that’s your solution. Hiding tracks works per mixer, not globally. So on the mixer you want to view track 32 to 64 with, you hide tracks 1 to 31 and 65 and above. Then on the other mixer you hide the ones you don’t want to see there. The mixer won’t scroll to tracks it’s not showing :wink:

If that’s not it I’m not sure what your problem is.

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Of course, you can hide any track individualy. And you can set different hidden track for different Mixer.

So you can Hide track 1 to 34 in Mixer 1, and Hide trcks 35 to 60 in the Mixer 2.

Again, I understand this. I don’t want to hide any tracks- I was only inquiring if there was a simple way to lock the mixers in fixed positions…

Thanks again

My oh my this is an old old thread!!

But I wanted to chip in because I had exactly the same question. (And in Cubase 9 it’s still the same)

Whilst it’s true that you can’t lock the mix position (I take this to mean the mixer view - not locking all the faders, but I don’t think that is what was meant)

What I’ve discovered I can use to more or less do this is the “Add Configuration” feature.
And very usefully any new configs that you save (which are project specific) become available on all three of the mixers although you can set three completely separate ones for each.

Annoyingly (well to me anyway) if I add a new track to my arranger window the new track instantly pops up on my mixer views and again screws with the view that I had set - but then just selecting the saved mixer configuration form the drop down instantly restores the version I wanted.

But I agree with the btrox (all those years ago) I wish I could just lock the mixer view and forget.

If you want, you can give this feature-request a vote, so that the problem gets fixed soon: