Any way to make transport buttons bigger?

I’m using IC Pro on Android and the transport buttons are hard to get at, especially when I put the tablet/phone on a music stand while recording.

Is there any way to move them to the top of the screen and/or make them bigger? I’m constantly hitting the record button when I mean to hit the play button to stop recording, thereby deleting the last recording because it thinks I want to re-record… big pain…

Really all I want is a time indicator and easy-access transport buttons, like my old Tranzport that is no longer supported!



Hi rgames,

the graphical interface elements are fixed and can at the moment neither moved nor resized.
I will place your question on the feature request list. When, in which version, and if ever at all this will be implemented is impossible to tell.

Thanks for your understanding


Also the elapsed time clock could be larger, especially since there is plenty of room on the cue screen ( - just move the button array to one side and put the clock much larger there (or make the array wider and not as high). Could fit bigger transport buttons under it as well.

Not all your buyers are young. Just because us older viewers have glasses to read doesn’t mean that we want to have them on ALL THE TIME!

We do YouTube videos, which means looking at the camera, without reading glasses, due to the distance. Having to look back at blurry small text is difficult.

Being able to scale to the size we want would allow us to choose between the size and amount of information available.

Re the size of the buttons, not all of us are elves either! +1 for bigger - for our hands as well as our eyes.

One small thing you might add to your feature request list, is the behavior of the Stop button. Actually, there is none. The Play button doubles as the Stop button. However, it is very unintuitive to press the Play button in order to stop playback.

If there is not room for a separate Stop button, the button should at least change ii’s look to indicate whether it’s operating as a Play or a Stop button.


This is a warning to anyone buying an Android tablet hoping to get the detail shown on the product page for cue mixes.

You must have a device bigger than ABOUT (WTF) 8".

I know, they don’t tell you anywhere, except in obscure comments on a couple of threads.

My Nexus 7" is only 0.9" smaller than an iPad mini, yet the latter gets the full display, but I get no more than an iPhone 3gs would get.

I call this a FAIL for SB.