Any way to not use the dongle with cubase 9?

my usb port is damaged and i dont have enough USB ports for the dongle too. any way to register cubase 9 with a file without having to use the USB dongle?

Not if it’s Artist or Pro.

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@raino is totally right. I would just add one more thing, if you already transferred your Soft-eLicense (Cubase Elements/LE/AI) to a USB-eLicenser, you cannot transfer it back to the Soft-eLicenser. Once the license sits one the USB-eLicenser, there is no way back.

I’ve used VirtualHere (Free) to plug my dongle in another machine and share it to a laptop before. So that’s an option if you get really stuck.

Probably best just to get a small USB hub though, if you have some working ports, but they’re already in use.