Any way to place the default TRACK EQ BEFORE INSERTS?

I’d rather have it BEFORE the inserts, especialy if I use a compressor on the track.

In my perfect Cubase world, I’d have 2 EQs per track: one BEFORE and one AFTER the insert slots. It is very important to me to be able to cut low freq info before the signal hits the the compressor, as it has a HUGE influence on the way the comp reacts.

I’d also remote control all of the EQs+comp parameters (8 quick controls are not enough) with a midi or dedicated hardware controler

Ideas Anyone?

Cubase’s channel EQ is located after inserts 1 to 6, but before inserts 7 & 8. If you want some plugin to see EQed signal, just place it in insert slot 7 or 8. If that’s not an option, don’t use channel EQ but place Cubase’s stock Studio EQ (almost the same thing as channel EQ) in the insert chain before your plugin.

You could always run the compressor as a send FX.


Group channel!

Yes … it’s an option. But too complicated solution to a simple problem. I know you are experienced enough Cubase user to deal with that solution, but anyone who doesn’t know the order of things in signal path of Cubase, it’s probably a source of more headache.

Oh yes! That’s a good one. Placing the plugin in group channel definitely quarantees the plugin being after anything on the original audio/vsti channel.

Lots of solutions to the original problem found here … any more takers?

Outboard hardware? :laughing:

Offline processing :mrgreen:

…a flexible mixer without needless hardware-inspired limitations?.. … …C7?.. …

Yeah, really. Mixer eq comes before inserts in the signal flow, obviously. :smiley:

Not using a mixer.
Using a separate compressor and eq. :wink:

Mixer EQ would work too, wouldn’t it?

Thats a lot of inserts, I too often have one EQ before the compressor to cut, then another eq after the compressor to boost. I find the more stuff I use the more noise the track gets which really becomes noticeable at final mix to a decent ear. In rare instance I need a lot of stuff (fixing issues that were recorded badly) I use groups and try and share plugs.
Do you have any channel strips…UAD or Waves? That may be a great solution for you to investigate as the NEVE and SSL plugs do it like you are at a great board

Ah! Before being sent into Cubase. :exclamation: