Any way to preview presets in HALion Sonic 7?

I don’t use HALion Sonic a lot in part because the GUI can’t be zoomed in, and it’s a bit small for me unless I set the display size in macOS to 1920x1080 HiDPI, which would make everything else too big and take away screen real estate.

But I want to use it more because it has a lot of great instruments and I own Iconica Ensembles. But it would be nice if I load The Verve for example, which is an excellent piano, to be able to preview the presets without having to double click on each and every one to listen what it’s like.

Now, in Cubase it wasn’t possible as far as people here told me over a year ago. I know HALion is a separate product, but I think back then I had HALion Sonic SE, and I think since I got Nuendo a few days ago now it shows HALion Sonic 7, so I was wondering if there’s any way to preview the presets without loading.


You can do so in Nuendo’s MediaBay.

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Thanks, Martin