Any way to save a possibly corrupt project?


Trying to load a 6.0.3 project with many plugs, it loads the project, then gets to loading the group channels and the plugs and wham… Error - Cubase has stopped working, blah, blah and closes. Then I also get an occasional blue screen after… I need these projects! Any way to open them and save them?? Should I roll back?? IOs there a way to open a 6.0.3 project in 6.0.2?? HELP!!


You could try hiding (by renaming) the vstplugins folder & see if it will load.

Dude! You RULE! Saved my ass! Thanks!

Curious if you figured out what plug caused the problem. Please post for us. :smiley:

The possible plug that was causing the problem was:

Amplitube 3
Poulin LeCab

I suspect it wasn’t Amplitube 3, but I haven’t had the time to narrow it down yet…

I had some weirdness in the past with the LeCab myself. I cant recall the issue, but I deleted it.