Any way to select note under caret after exiting Note Input mode?

I tried searching around for this in Dorico’s documentation and the forums, but didn’t find anything so I figured I would ask here.

Does Dorico allow jumping from the previously selected note to whatever note is underneath the caret after you exit Note Input mode? For example, I had this dotted F note highlighted before I switched the caret on…

Is there a shortcut for automatically selecting this dotted D when toggling Note Input mode off? I hope I’m not missing something obvious! :sweat_smile:

If this doesn’t exist in Dorico already, are there plans for implementing this in the future? Being a hobbyist programmer myself, I can only imagine how complex this functionality could be, so I don’t want to come across like this suggestion would be easy to put into practice. I would just suggest this idea (as long as it doesn’t already exist) as a potential bonus to peoples’ workflows. :slight_smile:

No. The quickest way (from the keyboard) would be to exit note input, leaving the F selected, then type Cmd/Ctrl-Right Arrow to jump by a bar.

^ For more tips about moving around -

  • See here for moving the caret during note input
  • See here for navigating outside of note input
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Okay, thank you both! I’m going to leave this thread up for the sake of suggesting this feature for future versions of Dorico.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll make a note of it as something we might add an option for in future.

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Thank you so much!! This would be amazing for my workflow. :slight_smile: