Any way to send a default midi init message on project start?

I have a bit of a probably unusual thing I want to do when I start (and close) Cubase.
I want to send a midi signal out to one of my controllers, which in turn changes the monitoring on my audio interface/mixer to disable monitoring, so I can use Cubase for monitoring and avoid the double sound from my interface.

Ideally I’d also like it to perform the reverse when I close the project, so I enable monitoring on my interface again (I do a fair bit of jamming without Cubase running as well, so this is important for me, and if possible I’d like to be able to let Cubase control this for me).

Strictly technically speaking, I have solved this already by making my own vst that is in my template, and on init, it sends a signal to my interface to disable it, and on closing (i.e. closing cubase) it sends the opposite signal…but I’d like not having to go this route as it feels a bit too hacky even for me.

So is there any way that I can make this happen in Cubase without magic tricks? I.e. when I open it up, send a midi signal, and when I close, send another midi signal.

Does anyone have any ideas regarding this?
Or is it better to try to maybe make some other way of doing this? Not involving Cubase at all?


I’m afraid this is not possible in Cubase.

It’s possible to write a simple application as a switcher. The application could even detect if Cubase is running or not.

I figured as much. It’d be kind of a ‘weird’ thing to have in Cubase. Even I recognize my wish is very niche.
The application idea is a great one, and I’ll definitely look into that. Thanks a lot for the reply and a solid suggestion on an approach.

Just to add on this for further information, in case anyone else searches this in the future.

I decided that making something to detect processes running would be overkill as I just want this for Cubase, so instead I just wrote a really super light weight launcher that sends midi to disable hardware monitoring on my interface, launches cubase, and once cubase closes, it sends midi to enable hardware monitoring again on my interface.

Short job, very efficient and clean solution.

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