Any way to "send selected track to channel(s)" via macro?

I find myself repeating this with virtually every track:

Select track
send to delay
send to reverb
enable delay
enable reverb
set delay volume
set reverb volume

I was hoping to set up a macro to do this automatically (say ctrl+1 sends channel to delay 1 and long reverb, enables and sets volume to -10db). I noticed there’s a “Set default send volume feature”, as well as a “automatically connect to send channels”, but 1) I don’t want to send to everything, 2) I have to enable the channels I want, still, and 3) -6db is too high, -12db is too low (I find myself using between -7.5db to -10db mostly).

Is there any way to do this that I’m not seeing?

Also, is it possible to default route new channels to a pre-designated FX or Group channel (ie. always route to a pre-master)?


Are all the source tracks in the project already? Or do you add one track, make the routing, do some work (recording, editing) and then add other track?

If all tracks are in the project already, you can use Link function.

The latter, usually. It’ll be me doing some work, then realizing I need another element or two and have to add another track.