Any way to set a KC so the cursor will stop where it is?

The thread title is a bit vague due to character limits…

With the pref “return to start position on stop” set to on, and the space bar assigned to start/stop…

Can anyone think of a way to have the spacebar start playback, have the cursor return to the start position when pressing the spacebar again, while having the cursor stop where it is when pressing alt-spacebar? I tried a macro, but to no avail. Maybe the logical editor?

So it would be:

Spacebar starts playback
Spacebar stops playback (cursor returns to start pos)
Spacebar starts playback
Alt-spacebar stops playback (cursor remains at that point, and does not return to start pos)


Does it have to be the Spacebar? Assign a KC to the Pref RTSPOS which will toggle it and make a Macro with it and Stop and assign another KC to it. I’d assign " to toggle RTSPOS and ’ to the Macro as they aren’t used by default.

Ah, just assign Alt-Space to the Macro. :confused:

Yeah, that’ll work, I guess I was looking to do it in one step.