Any way to shift or re-map the MIDI keyboard for one part? (Cubase 11 Pro)

I recently bought a virtual instrument with a fairly narrow range (13 semitones) but I found that if I tuned it up an octave or down an octave in its settings it still sounded fine for my purposes. So now I can make High, Middle, and Low versions of this instrument. But the problem is that tuning an instrument in its settings doesn’t change the piano-key its mapped to in the MIDI editor. In other words C3 in the L version maps to a note that’s an octave lower than C3 in the M version but they both share the same spot in the MIDI editor.

Is there any way to shift the MIDI keyboard mapping in the editor up or down for one part? So I can overlay my H, M, and L instruments in the MIDI editor and the H ones will appear above the M ones and the L one will be below those, so I can see them together as a three-octave instrument for composing instead of the jumble I see now when I select all three instruments together in the midi editor.

Thanks in advance.

You could try the midi modifier midi plugin:

It wasn’t clear in his examples that it changes what you see in the MIDI editor because he never used the MIDI Editor in his examples. But I’ll play around with it. It might work, and I’ll get back to us if it does. Thanks for the suggestion.

An example of what I would want would be for just one part, say, Instrument L, C2 on the keyboard would map to C3, On Instrument M C3 would remain C3, and on Instrument H C4 would map to C3.