Any way to show disabled tracks in mixer?

Hello, I’m newer to Cubase. Is it possible to show disabled tracks in the mixer? I can’t figure it out and been searching.
I know it’s weird request, but basically I’m using komplete kontrol and I’d like to scroll through disabled tracks (from my template) on my mixer so I could then use a macro to enable them and play/record etc
I know they show in project window and the vis browser, but I need them to show in mixer, unless there’s some workaround…???

Hello there!

As far as I know, this is only possible in the arranger. Otherwise the channels wouldn’t disappear from an external mix surface ( like the Avid S1 e.g ), because the visibility of the faders on the surface is tied to the mixer visibility in Cubase (what you see is what you get). It is different compared to Protools where you can have both ( seeing disabled channels in the software mixer, but not on the surface).

Cheers, Tomess

Ok yeah I figured as much, well thanks anyway